Coating Properties and Advantages


Coating properties and advantages

Reducing the specific graphite consumption is one major issue for electric steel plants and can be achieved in several ways, particularly by protecting the electrode surface from oxidation or at least delaying the start of the oxidation process. For 50 years now, the most efficient technique applied in electric steel production is our special protective coating for graphite electrodes. And that’s not all: together with the savings in the specific graphite consumption, CO2 emissions are also reduced.

As the only anti-oxidation protection for electrodes, our coating meets the following requirements:

  • High temperature stability in an oxidizing atmosphere
  • Corrosion stability against dust, slag, metal splashs, etc.
  • Ideal adhesion: mechanical and chemical connection on the electrode surface
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • No negative influence on steel

And this is what our coating can do for you:


  • Increased electrical conductivity (longer durability)
  • Reduction of the specific graphite consumption of up to 30%, thus savings in graphite costs (reduced side oxidation) as well as CO2 emissions
  • Increased efficiency in production (time savings by reduced number of electrode connections)
Parameter Unit Value
Thickness of the Coating mm 0.5 – 0.8
Specific Electrical Resistivity Ω.µm 0.07 – 0.10
Gas Impermeability at 900 °C h above 50
Temperature when Decomposition Process starts °C above 1850
Delay of Graphite Surface Oxidation h 10 – 20